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Design Service Development Service Testing Service Accessibility Experience Service Customer Support Service Training Service

Design +

  • HCL SME’s will help you in designing your digital products to be accessible in the design phase
  • SME consultants having extensive experience in design consulting will help you with the right set of tools and technologies for your stack

Development +

HCL team will help with accessible code and suggested fixes in all bug reports and can work with client developers to provide code fixes or write new code to improve the accessibility and usability of a product.


Assistive Technology Testing

Scenario based testing performed by HCL employees with impairments with expertise in using assistive technology to increase the product’s usability from their perspective.

Compliance Testing

Testing performed to see if the product meets the accessibility compliance standards such as Section 508, WCAG 2.0, EN 301 549 and other international accessibility standards.

Accessibility Experience +

Study designed and conducted by Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and Accessibility UX Researchers to assess the product’s usability and accessibility. Analysis report is provided with recommendations to enhance the product for a delightful end user experience. Live viewing by clients is encouraged, with audio and video available throughout the study.

Customer Support +

HCL customer support desk will help your accessible customer base to provide the best of customer support using industry best practises

Training +

Inclusive accessibility training for testers, developers and designers using high quality training material to fulfil all your needs. Checkout for more detail here.